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In 1987, Checkers began with a simple vision. It was to be a dynamic organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products. That vision still drives Checkers today. With our product offerings of Cable and Hose Protection Systems, Wheel Chocks, Warning Whips, Warning Lights and more, Checkers creates reliable safety solutions for our customers. Checkers joined Justrite Safety Group in January, 2018.

Ground Protection

Checkers ground protection and ground stabilization mats create temporary roadways and working platforms for heavy vehicles while limiting environmental damage.

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Why is wheel chocking not a waste of time?

Vehicle-related incidents cause a large portion of accidents year after year and highlight the need for proper vehicle safety equipment, such as wheel chocks.

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Cable/Hose Protectors

Our high-performance cable/hose protectors can provide safe crossing for pedestrians, vehicles, and heavy equipment while keeping valuable cables and cords protected.

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Cyclone Warning Whips

Cyclone LED-Wrapped, All Purpose Waterproof Warning Whip with stainless steel components sets the new standard for high visibility performance in any working conditions.


Ground Protection Mats

Skip the Plywood and Use Ground Protection Mats. Ground protection matting from Checkers offers safe and reliable temporary access pathways, roadways, and working platforms in a wide range of environments.

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Contact one of our Safety Specialists for all your wheel chock, ground protection and cable protector needs.

Chanda Simington

Western Canada Customer Care Representative

(Ph) 403.669.9363

Rob Hrapchak

Principal & Territory Manager

Northern Alberta, N.E. British Columbia & North West Territories
(Ph) 403.807.2520

Kevin Schmidt

Territory Manager

Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Southern Alberta
(Ph) 204.894.8870

James Steele

Territory Manager

British Columbia & Yukon Territory
(Ph) 604.360.7570