About CleanSpace Respirators

A CleanSpace Respirator is unique because it has no belts or hoses, does not create fogging of eyewear and is lightweight and is simple to use.

CleanSpace Technology was established in 2009. A world class medical device engineering team saw a need to create a revolutionary respirator. It needed to deliver the highest level of protection, be comfortable and be easy to use.

The respirator industry had not seen notable innovation in some 20 years.  When CleanSpace launched their first product a year later, it was seen as a game changer.


CleanSpace - Halo

CleanSpace® Halo is a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system that houses smart technology in a revolutionary, compact design. CleanSpace delivers the highest protection in healthcare while being comfortable, quick to fit and easily integrated into any setting.

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