About No-Trax


Founded in 1948 by Charles J. Wood, NoTrax, a division of Justrite Safety Group, is a leading manufacturer of professional floor matting. Originally Illinois Superior Manufacturing Group, NoTrax joined Checkers Safety Group in 2015 and the Justrite Safety Group in 2018.

Today, NoTrax is a global leader in the manufacturing of industrial-grade professional floor matting. From restaurants to hospitals, industrial facilities to data warehouses, we protect everywhere people walk.

Food Service Matting

Food service mats from NoTrax are designed to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for personnel in restaurants and eateries. These mats feature an anti-slip construction that will work to reduce workplace slips and falls. For wet environments, food service mats often incorporate drainage holes that allow water and grease to drain easily.


Anti-Fatigue Matting

Research shows anti-fatigue mats can significantly improve productivity and employee satisfaction while reducing absenteeism and chronic illnesses related to long-term standing. Anti-fatigue mats help keep workers comfortable, making them more productive with fewer injuries.


Web Trax

A multi-functional vinyl floor mat that can be used in a variety of wet applications. The wave pattern design creates a slip-resistant walking surface that increases traction on wet and slippery floors. Antibacterial treated PVC material prevents the growth of fungi or bacteria while the open structure design allows for easy draining of liquids.

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For questions about industrial grade indoor and outdoor floor mats, contact a Concorde Safety Specialist TODAY!

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Western Canada Customer Care Representative

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Principal & Territory Manager

Northern Alberta, N.E. British Columbia & North West Territories
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Territory Manager

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